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Made for GMTK Game Jam

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Escape from the monster of the deep sea as you propel your vessel as far to safety as you can! Charge your vessel long enough to be able to burst through obstacles and enemies while flaming yellow. You can even get combos from killing enemies, but watch out for your air supply! You'll need to stop by bubbles to take the time to replenish that. Post your high scores in the comments!

How the game matches the GMTK Game Jam Theme:

Nearly everything in this game serves multiple purposes. The charging/propelling mechanic is both used for vertical movement, destroying enemies, exiting bubbles, and breaking blocks. The enemies not only act as obstacles when you aren't killing them, but also give you a small bit of extra speed and give you points and combos. Bubbles not only act as obstacles that slow you down, but also as places to gain back your air supply. Not to mention you can charge much faster in them and propel yourself even faster than usual from them. Everything works with the concepts explored in "Downwell's Dual-Purpose Design" in mind.

Main Contributors:

  • Tony Wojnar--Designer, Artist, SFX Editing
  • Michael Wojnar--Programmer
  • Cason Jolly--Composer

Third- Party Resources:

Install instructions

Windows, Mac, and Linux.


AquaAscent.jar 11 MB

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